Monday, 1 April 2013

Comings and goings

Well, long time no see :)
How you all doing lovely people? Hope your all fine n dandy this Easter Monday/April Fools Day?

I've just got a few things to say today.
The first is, I want to thank you all for your support over the time I've had this ere blog.
I'm not going to be writing here any more, nor on my little tiny stitches one.

I will explain, but let me first say about the results from Belguim for my daughter.
I was gutted with them. Sorry, but there was absoultely no point in sending her to Beguim, and as far as I can see, it was a waste of NHS money. :(
They came back with ..well, we can confirm that she has 'frontal lobe epilepsy'...hmm... we had that confirmed 8 years ago!!

On the epilepsy front and nothing whatsoever to do with Belguim though, they are bringing out a new Epilepsy drug in June, which may or maynot help. I'm not holding my breath, but you never know. It will be her 15th drug!

Now for the other news. I won't be writing here anymore, as I'm having a fresh start from today in blogging and Etsy. I have recently had to leave  my husband after 23years, and feel a new start in eveything is appropriate. So if you would like to follow my new blog, then please email me at and i will tell you the www. I do hope you appreciate that I won't go into details on here my lovelies.

Anyways, thankyou all kindly for all your support and love. I shall still be popping in to see you all, and once I'm feeling better (I'm trying to be kind to myself at the moment! lol) I shall start my blogging a new.

Take care my lovely ladies.

Love n big happy hugs to you all,
Donna xxxx{{HUGS}}

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Just a few makes

Well, it's been such a long time since I made a blog post that I had to check out how to do it, and see if I still knew my passwords!

I bought a new phone in the summer. I've not had a 'posh' phone before. You know one that you can take pictures with and read blogs on and stuff.  But as we're going to Belgium next Sunday for my eldest daughters hospital treatment, we thought I'd better get one in the summer so I can maybe know how to work it when in Belgium so I can send photos and read blogs etc...
Do you think I know how to work it then? lol

All I know is that the camera on it is absolutely s**t hot!!
I love it!! I can't believe that a camera on a phone can be so good when we've spent hundreds of pounds on just a camera that is nowhere near as good as that one!
But saying that, it doesn't follow that my photos will be any better! :)

Obviously I had to make a little case for my phone :o)

This was a really simple half treble crochet project that kept me sane over long drives in the summer holidays. just simple squares to make a patchwork style lap blanket.

This is my 'Belguim Trip' quilt. I've made it from the most beautiful fabrics that Jennie sent me.
The hankies came as a panel, and I held onto them as I wanted to make something special with them.

The dash of yellow which I love was a vintage pillow slip that she sent me.

The turquoise binding is a fat quarter of fabric that I got in the summer. 

It's my most favourite quilt yet (I know it needs an iron, but I still haven't finished it yet!)

I actually made a label for this one too ;)
See? Look the corners still need sewing, and so does one whole side of the binding. I hand sew binding on, and I'm going to be actually finishing this off whilst in Belguim to keep me busy! 

Oh, I almost forgot the backing fabric. Well, I purposely made it a beautiful 'Rosey' one, just to continue the theme :D

When we come back from Belguim, I'm so hoping to open up one of my Etsy shops, so I've been working on some new bits to go in there.
These fabric dolly pegs are just one of them..

Happy week folks.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Day :o)

I found this gorgeous Alfred Meakin Teapot several weeks back now..

I do love most of alfred meakin makes. But i find they are getting harder to find.
I just have to do a bit more research on it, then I'm going to be popping it in my Emporium. Along with these little tea plates..

Aren't they so sweet! What a pretty lady she is with her basket of flowers...

I did find a beautiful 'Carltonware' teapot at the same time as this, but the lid had been broken and glued and sellotaped, the body had a chip on it, and they wanted £35 for it!
I'm finding quite a few broken bits for sale lately, so check things carefully won't you?

This is my new Teapot Lane Emporium banner! Isn't it beautiful!

I had this one and one for my Little Tiny Stitches esty store made over the weekend.
The lovely lady who made them is Jessi over on Etsy.
I can highly recommend her, 'specially for her patience :o)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Table Taa-daah.....

 I've now finished painting my table.
Sorry about the poor quality photos, these were taken in the evening..

This one wasn't :o)

Her name?  Dolly -obviously :o)

The first daffodils I've seen this year.
Beauties aren't they?

Have a great day..

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Crafting space

The trouble with having a full household and being a crafter/thrifter is the lack of your own space. I find it hard to get going with crafting if I have to keep putting it away to make room for something else. That's the main reason I gave up my card making, because when we moved house I no longer had a craft room so it was hard to leave half finished cards, or actually find the product you wanted to use!

I'm determined that with my new emporium I'm going to keep the sewing going!
So with that in mind I've been on the hunt for a tea trolley (how apt lol) so that I can pop my crfats on it and wheel it from room to room as and when I get a chance to do them!
But alas, all my searching was in vain, as no tea trolley emerged :o(

But, I did find this..

Isn't she a sweetie?

Just take a look at those legs!

And the sides pull out to make a much bigger table so I can take up even more room! :o)

And look at those dinky feet!  Wheels!!   She wheels like a dream too!
But alas, she isn't as beautiful as she might be, so I've had to get the sand paper out.
Then the paint and brushes....

I'll show you her as soon as she's finished :o)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

At last.....

Well, at last I have what I'm going to call my Teapot Blog, up and running!
I've been prettying it up for a while, making it as colourful as I can, and now I can start logging the items coming up in my new emporium shop on Etsy.

I've been sewing away on these brooches..

I've got several of these on the go at the moment. But my idea is to try and list at least one thing in my new shop every day.
These little teapots are all my own design, so I really do like these as I feel they're very original..:o)

For the packaging I've made some sizzix teapot die-cuts as I thought they look quite cute on them..

...With Teapot Lane stamped on the back...
The only thing I'm still thinking about now is whether or not to put them in cellophane wrappers too?
I'll have to think on that one and see how it goes.
I was really pleased that one of my bestest friends favourited one, then I had someone else whom I don't know favourite one too.

Then I've been researching my little tea-time bits for this shop too..
Below is a little 'Limoges creamer/jug' that I shall be listing later today.

And the next one is a little Axevale Pottery creamer /jug. It is so sweet!  I put this one in the shop earlier, and someone has favourited it already :o)

I love nearly all the 'Devon' potteries items as they are generally so pretty, and the bonus is, like this one people don't generally use them. They either keep them as ornaments or just for 'best. So they are nearly always in good condition.

I still have several items to finish researching, then popping them on the shelves..
I've got my final packaging to sort out.
I bought a dis-continued die off of ebay from America last week, and I got it today. It was quite a bit of money, but I have to say that it was so worth it!
I'll take some photos tomorrow and put them on so you can see. I shall be using it to make tags with for the Emporium.

I also need to get an Etsy banner sorted out. I know the type I want, but I only gave myself a certain amount of money to get the vintage bits and bobs, and things for packaging, so that will have to wait a couple of weeks.
Well, this is my first post for my new store finished.
I'm hoping my next post won't be as long as I want to just try and do a small post everyday with my latest bits 'n bobs, so that I keep up with it all.

This is supposed to be a log blog after all :o)