Sunday, 14 October 2012

Just a few makes

Well, it's been such a long time since I made a blog post that I had to check out how to do it, and see if I still knew my passwords!

I bought a new phone in the summer. I've not had a 'posh' phone before. You know one that you can take pictures with and read blogs on and stuff.  But as we're going to Belgium next Sunday for my eldest daughters hospital treatment, we thought I'd better get one in the summer so I can maybe know how to work it when in Belgium so I can send photos and read blogs etc...
Do you think I know how to work it then? lol

All I know is that the camera on it is absolutely s**t hot!!
I love it!! I can't believe that a camera on a phone can be so good when we've spent hundreds of pounds on just a camera that is nowhere near as good as that one!
But saying that, it doesn't follow that my photos will be any better! :)

Obviously I had to make a little case for my phone :o)

This was a really simple half treble crochet project that kept me sane over long drives in the summer holidays. just simple squares to make a patchwork style lap blanket.

This is my 'Belguim Trip' quilt. I've made it from the most beautiful fabrics that Jennie sent me.
The hankies came as a panel, and I held onto them as I wanted to make something special with them.

The dash of yellow which I love was a vintage pillow slip that she sent me.

The turquoise binding is a fat quarter of fabric that I got in the summer. 

It's my most favourite quilt yet (I know it needs an iron, but I still haven't finished it yet!)

I actually made a label for this one too ;)
See? Look the corners still need sewing, and so does one whole side of the binding. I hand sew binding on, and I'm going to be actually finishing this off whilst in Belguim to keep me busy! 

Oh, I almost forgot the backing fabric. Well, I purposely made it a beautiful 'Rosey' one, just to continue the theme :D

When we come back from Belguim, I'm so hoping to open up one of my Etsy shops, so I've been working on some new bits to go in there.
These fabric dolly pegs are just one of them..

Happy week folks.


  1. What a fantastic treat to see you've blogged, Donna!! Loving all of your makes, but especially the quilt. Absolutely gorgeous, just like you!!

  2. Hi Donna
    I still have you as little tiny stitches and wondered where you had got to.
    Soooooooooooo glad to see you blogging again.
    Love the quilt, how did you make the label? I want to make one for Tom's quilt, I have nearly finished the top, have the wadding but just need to find some backing.

    What is the latest news on your Daughter, email me, I'd love an update on everything.
    Hugs to you

  3. hi Donna,
    lovely to hear from you again- like Donna I'd love an update too!

  4. Thank you, Donna, for checking in with me! Yes, I'm safe. Devastation all around us. Our town has trees down everywhere! Neighboring seaside towns have an overwhelming amount of destruction and loss. So sad. Parts of my town are still without power. No traffic lights. Not many stores up and running. Schools closed. Difficult to get food and gas. Terrible. My electric was up and running very early Saturday morning--1 a.m. What a relief--but it's still so dark all around us. A very scary week. Went to church tonight (our church is very close to the ocean)--it had no power and was so cold. Not many people there. Thanked God for my safety.

    Thank you, thank you for thinking of me! Hugs across the pond, Victoria