Tuesday, 24 January 2012

At last.....

Well, at last I have what I'm going to call my Teapot Blog, up and running!
I've been prettying it up for a while, making it as colourful as I can, and now I can start logging the items coming up in my new emporium shop on Etsy.

I've been sewing away on these brooches..

I've got several of these on the go at the moment. But my idea is to try and list at least one thing in my new shop every day.
These little teapots are all my own design, so I really do like these as I feel they're very original..:o)

For the packaging I've made some sizzix teapot die-cuts as I thought they look quite cute on them..

...With Teapot Lane stamped on the back...
The only thing I'm still thinking about now is whether or not to put them in cellophane wrappers too?
I'll have to think on that one and see how it goes.
I was really pleased that one of my bestest friends favourited one, then I had someone else whom I don't know favourite one too.

Then I've been researching my little tea-time bits for this shop too..
Below is a little 'Limoges creamer/jug' that I shall be listing later today.

And the next one is a little Axevale Pottery creamer /jug. It is so sweet!  I put this one in the shop earlier, and someone has favourited it already :o)

I love nearly all the 'Devon' potteries items as they are generally so pretty, and the bonus is, like this one people don't generally use them. They either keep them as ornaments or just for 'best. So they are nearly always in good condition.

I still have several items to finish researching, then popping them on the shelves..
I've got my final packaging to sort out.
I bought a dis-continued die off of ebay from America last week, and I got it today. It was quite a bit of money, but I have to say that it was so worth it!
I'll take some photos tomorrow and put them on so you can see. I shall be using it to make tags with for the Emporium.

I also need to get an Etsy banner sorted out. I know the type I want, but I only gave myself a certain amount of money to get the vintage bits and bobs, and things for packaging, so that will have to wait a couple of weeks.
Well, this is my first post for my new store finished.
I'm hoping my next post won't be as long as I want to just try and do a small post everyday with my latest bits 'n bobs, so that I keep up with it all.

This is supposed to be a log blog after all :o) 


  1. Your little brooches are so sweet and certainly very original Donna. They look very time consuming to make. My back is better thank you and I am looking forward to the fairs this year, hopefully will be doing a couple down your way. Hope everything is going well, and I am sure we will meet up again this year.
    Jo xx

  2. Your little brooches are lovely, wishing you lots of success with you little shop. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Donna, these little teapot brooches are FABULOUS! I love the vintage and girly feel--each one is so unique too. Make sure to emphasize one of a kind piece of fabric art--I think they'll be a hit!

    Yes, we did get a little snow here over the weekend. Only about an inch or two. It was so nice to see it when I awoke Saturday morning--it made everything outside look so crisp and clean. And then the plows came...yuk. It's all melted now, but that's fine by me! Overall, we're having a very mild winter. I live about two miles from the ocean, so it tends to stay warmer here than other parts of the country.

    I haven't been able to read my Blogger comments for the past couple of weeks--perhaps something on their end. It's good to be back in touch. Thanks for staying in touch with me. You're such a lovely person to "talk" to!

  4. Donna, your excitement over your new shop is so contagious- I am over the moon for you and your inspiration :) It won't be long til you have so many people favoriting things that you won't even notice little old me popping in and throwing hearts about~ xoxo