Thursday, 26 January 2012

Crafting space

The trouble with having a full household and being a crafter/thrifter is the lack of your own space. I find it hard to get going with crafting if I have to keep putting it away to make room for something else. That's the main reason I gave up my card making, because when we moved house I no longer had a craft room so it was hard to leave half finished cards, or actually find the product you wanted to use!

I'm determined that with my new emporium I'm going to keep the sewing going!
So with that in mind I've been on the hunt for a tea trolley (how apt lol) so that I can pop my crfats on it and wheel it from room to room as and when I get a chance to do them!
But alas, all my searching was in vain, as no tea trolley emerged :o(

But, I did find this..

Isn't she a sweetie?

Just take a look at those legs!

And the sides pull out to make a much bigger table so I can take up even more room! :o)

And look at those dinky feet!  Wheels!!   She wheels like a dream too!
But alas, she isn't as beautiful as she might be, so I've had to get the sand paper out.
Then the paint and brushes....

I'll show you her as soon as she's finished :o)


  1. Hello Donna,
    What an exciting find in your trolley. I look forward to seeing its makeover. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes indeedy, those posies take an age to make but quite pleasurable I must confess. The wallpaper is in our "new" bedroom and as soon as I get a moment and a sunny day, I shall take more pics.
    Take care.
    hen xxx

  2. How can you leave us hanging this way??!! ;)
    I can't wait to see the makeover, and I'm excited for you to have your craft space on wheels.